More About Me

Business Philosophy

As your professional real estate adviser, I focus on client satisfaction. I want to ensure my clients have all the information and facts. I want you to understand the buying and selling process and ensure you know all your options and feel comfortable, informed and relaxed.

The process of buying or selling should be exciting and rewarding for you!I love new technology, but also believe in old-fashioned activities like listening carefully, answering my phone, responding to your calls and emails immediately and being responsive to your wants, needs, questions and concerns. You deserve timely and honest communication, without pressure!

Prior to becoming a licensed Realtor, I spent 25 years as a retail operations Executive and worked with the real estate departments in acquisitions, due diligence, site locating and lease negotiations for over 400 retail locations. I am also an entrepreneur who ran a very successful business for 12 years.

I know how to get the job done and want to get the job done for you! Call me today!

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication

  • Organization

  • Negotiation

  • Follow up and follow through

Personal Background

  • 25 years as a retail operations executive

  • Entrepreneur and business owner

  • Acquisition, assimilation and due diligence

  • Consultant and adviser for start up businesses